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Sodium bromate, NaBrO3

The Sodium bromate, NaBrO3 is formed by the action of bromine on a hot solution of sodium hydroxide, but is best obtained by the electrolysis of sodium bromide under certain conditions.

Like the chlorate, sodium bromate is trimorphous, crystallizing in the cubic, hexagonal, and rhombic systems. Its melting-point is 381° C. For the density Kremers gives 3.339, and Le Blanc and Rohland 3.254. At 20° C., 100 grams of water dissolve 38.3 grams, and at 100° C., 91 grams. The boiling-point of the saturated solution in contact with the solid is 109° C. The compound finds application as an oxidizer.

References are appended to investigations of its optical properties; to properties of aqueous solutions such as density, molecular depression of the freezing-point, and vapour-pressure; and to the formation of double salts with sodium bromide.

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