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    PDB 131d-1bli
    PDB 1bph-1d10
    PDB 1d11-1ej2
    PDB 1eja-1gb5
    PDB 1gb6-1goh
    PDB 1gq2-1ikp
    PDB 1ikq-1jz1
    PDB 1jz2-1kvs
    PDB 1kvt-1me8
    PDB 1mg2-1nsz
    PDB 1nta-1oyt
    PDB 1p0s-1qjs
    PDB 1qnj-1s5d
    PDB 1s5e-1tjp
    PDB 1tk6-1uxt
    PDB 1uxu-1vzq
    PDB 1w15-1xc6
    PDB 1xcu-1yf1
    PDB 1ygg-1zko
    PDB 1zkp-2afh
    PDB 2agv-2bhc
    PDB 2bhp-2cc6
    PDB 2cc7-2dec
    PDB 2deg-2ein
    PDB 2eit-2fjb
    PDB 2fld-2gg8
    PDB 2gg9-2h9j
    PDB 2h9k-2ien
    PDB 2ieo-2jih
    PDB 2jin-2omd
    PDB 2omg-2p77
    PDB 2p78-2q68
    PDB 2q69-2qz7
    PDB 2qzi-2v35
    PDB 2v3h-2vwo
    PDB 2vx4-2wig
    PDB 2wij-2x1z
    PDB 2x20-2xmk
    PDB 2xmm-2zfq
    PDB 2zfr-3a6s
    PDB 3a6t-3b1e
    PDB 3b2n-3bos
    PDB 3bov-3ccr
    PDB 3ccs-3d7r
    PDB 3d97-3e3y
    PDB 3e40-3erp
    PDB 3euw-3fgw
    PDB 3fh4-3g3r
    PDB 3g3s-3gxw
    PDB 3gyz-3hwt
    PDB 3hww-3ijp
    PDB 3imm-3k0g
    PDB 3k13-3l7x
    PDB 3l88-3max
    PDB 3mbb-3mr1
    PDB 3mty-3nu3
    PDB 3nu4-3ot1
    PDB 3ow2-3qwc
    PDB 3qx5-3tfr
    PDB 3tfs-3v6o
    PDB 3v72-4ag2
    PDB 4aga-4eae
    PDB 4ecn-4g8t
    PDB 4gdt-8icw
    PDB 8icx-9icy

Sodium in PDB, part 59 (2901-2950), PDB files 3qx5 - 3tfr

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Sodium (Na) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Sodium atoms.
PDB files 2901-2950 (3qx5 - 3tfr):
  1. 3qx5 - Thrombin Inhibition By Pyridin Derivatives
  2. 3r57 - Human Cyclophilin D Complexed With A Fragment
  3. 3r9b - Crystal Structure of Mycobacterium Smegmatis CYP164A2 in Ligand Free State
  4. 3r9c - Crystal Structure of Mycobacterium Smegmatis CYP164A2 With Econazole Bound
  5. 3ra3 - Crystal Structure Of A Section of A De Novo Design Gigadalton Protein Fibre
  6. 3rga - Crystal Structure of Epoxide Hydrolase For Polyether Lasalocid A Biosynthesis
  7. 3rlw - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI328
  8. 3rly - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI329
  9. 3rm0 - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI354
  10. 3rm2 - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI003
  11. 3rml - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI331
  12. 3rmm - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI332
  13. 3rmn - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI341
  14. 3rmo - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI004
  15. 3rn1 - Crystal Structure of the W199E-Maug/Pre-Methylamine Dehydrogenase Complex
  16. 3rny - Crystal Structure of Human RSK1 C-Terminal Kinase Domain
  17. 3rwg - Rhesus Macaque Mhc Class I Molecule Mamu-B*17-MW9
  18. 3rwk - First Crystal Structure of An Endo-Inulinase, From Aspergillus Ficuum: Structural Analysis and Comparison With Other GH32 Enzymes.
  19. 3rws - Crystal Structure of Medicago Truncatula Nodulin 13 (MTN13) in Complex With Trans-Zeatin
  20. 3s0t - Crystal Structure of the Cofa Type IV Pilin Subunit From Enterotoxigenic E. Coli
  21. 3s45 - Wild-Type Hiv-2 Protease With Antiviral Drug Amprenavir
  22. 3s54 - Hiv-1 Protease Triple Mutants V32I, I47V, V82I With Antiviral Drug Darunavir in Space Group P21212
  23. 3s9o - The Focal Adhesion Targeting (Fat) Domain of the Focal Adhesion Kinase Showing N-Terminal Interactions in Cis
  24. 3sha - Human Thrombin in Complex With UBTHR97
  25. 3shc - Human Thrombin in Complex With UBTHR101
  26. 3shh - Crystal Structure of Glucarate Dehydratase From Agrobacterium Tumefaciens Complexed With Magnesium and L-Tartrate
  27. 3shx - Frog M-Ferritin With Magnesium, L134P Mutant
  28. 3si3 - Human Thrombin in Complex With UBTHR103
  29. 3si4 - Human Thrombin in Complex With UBTHR104
  30. 3sjl - Crystal Structure of the P107S-Maug/Pre-Methylamine Dehydrogenase Complex
  31. 3sko - Crystal Structure of A Peptide-Hla Structure
  32. 3sla - X-Ray Structure Of First Four Repeats of Human Beta-Catenin
  33. 3spv - Crystal Structure of A Peptide-Hla Complex
  34. 3spx - Crystal Structure of O-Acetyl Serine Sulfhydrylase From Leishmania Donovani
  35. 3suj - Crystal Structure of Cerato-Platanin 1 From M. Perniciosa (MPCP1)
  36. 3sv2 - Human Thrombin in Complex With UBTHR105
  37. 3svw - Crystal Structure of the P107V-Maug/Pre-Methylamine Dehydrogenase Complex
  38. 3sws - Crystal Structure Of The Quinone Form Of Methylamine Dehydrogenase in Complex With the Diferric Form of Maug
  39. 3sxt - Crystal Structure Of The Quinol Form Of Methylamine Dehydrogenase in Complex With the Diferrous Form of Maug
  40. 3syu - Re-Refined Coordinates For Pdb Entry 1DET - Ribonuclease T1 Carboxymethylated At Glu 58 in Complex With 2'Gmp
  41. 3szs - Crystal Structure Analysis of Hellethionin D
  42. 3t34 - Arabidopsis Thaliana Dynamin-Related Protein 1A (ATDRP1A) in Prefission State
  43. 3t4u - L29I Mutation in An Aryl Esterase From Pseudomonas Fluorescens Leads to Unique Peptide Flip and Increased Activity
  44. 3t5f - Human Thrombin in Complex With MI340
  45. 3t7z - Structure of Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii Nop N-Terminal Domain
  46. 3t8j - Structural Analysis of Thermostable S. Solfataricus Pyrimidine- Specific Nucleoside Hydrolase
  47. 3t90 - Crystal Structure of Glucosamine-6-Phosphate N-Acetyltransferase From Arabidopsis Thaliana
  48. 3t9g - The Crystal Structure of Family 3 Pectate Lyase From Caldicellulosiruptor Bescii
  49. 3tbh - Crystal Structure Of O-Acetyl Serine Sulfhydrylase in Complex With Octapeptide Derived From Serine Acetyl Transferase of Leishmania Donovani
  50. 3tfr - Ternary Complex Structure of Dna Polymerase Beta With A Gapped Dna Substrate and A, B Damp(CF2)Pp in the Active Site


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