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    PDB 131d-1bli
    PDB 1bph-1d10
    PDB 1d11-1ej2
    PDB 1eja-1gb5
    PDB 1gb6-1goh
    PDB 1gq2-1ikp
    PDB 1ikq-1jz1
    PDB 1jz2-1kvs
    PDB 1kvt-1me8
    PDB 1mg2-1nsz
    PDB 1nta-1oyt
    PDB 1p0s-1qjs
    PDB 1qnj-1s5d
    PDB 1s5e-1tjp
    PDB 1tk6-1uxt
    PDB 1uxu-1vzq
    PDB 1w15-1xc6
    PDB 1xcu-1yf1
    PDB 1ygg-1zko
    PDB 1zkp-2afh
    PDB 2agv-2bhc
    PDB 2bhp-2cc6
    PDB 2cc7-2dec
    PDB 2deg-2ein
    PDB 2eit-2fjb
    PDB 2fld-2gg8
    PDB 2gg9-2h9j
    PDB 2h9k-2ien
    PDB 2ieo-2jih
    PDB 2jin-2omd
    PDB 2omg-2p77
    PDB 2p78-2q68
    PDB 2q69-2qz7
    PDB 2qzi-2v35
    PDB 2v3h-2vwo
    PDB 2vx4-2wig
    PDB 2wij-2x1z
    PDB 2x20-2xmk
    PDB 2xmm-2zfq
    PDB 2zfr-3a6s
    PDB 3a6t-3b1e
    PDB 3b2n-3bos
    PDB 3bov-3ccr
    PDB 3ccs-3d7r
    PDB 3d97-3e3y
    PDB 3e40-3erp
    PDB 3euw-3fgw
    PDB 3fh4-3g3r
    PDB 3g3s-3gxw
    PDB 3gyz-3hwt
    PDB 3hww-3ijp
    PDB 3imm-3k0g
    PDB 3k13-3l7x
    PDB 3l88-3max
    PDB 3mbb-3mr1
    PDB 3mty-3nu3
    PDB 3nu4-3ot1
    PDB 3ow2-3qwc
    PDB 3qx5-3tfr
    PDB 3tfs-3v6o
    PDB 3v72-4ag2
    PDB 4aga-4eae
    PDB 4ecn-4g8t
    PDB 4gdt-8icw
    PDB 8icx-9icy

Sodium in PDB, part 51 (2501-2550), PDB files 3hww - 3ijp

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Sodium (Na) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Sodium atoms.
PDB files 2501-2550 (3hww - 3ijp):
  1. 3hww - Crystal Structure of Menaquinone Synthesis Protein Mend From E. Coli in Complex With Oxoglutarate
  2. 3hwx - Crystal Structure of Menaquinone Synthesis Protein Mend From E. Coli in Complex With Thdp
  3. 3hx0 - Ternary Complex of L277A, H511A, R514 Mutant Pol Lambda Bound to A 2 Nucleotide Gapped Dna Substrate With A Scrunched Da
  4. 3hya - Hyaluronic Acid, Molecular Conformations and Interactions in Two Sodium Salts
  5. 3hyi - Crystal Structure of Full-Length DUF199/Whia From Thermatoga Maritima
  6. 3hyj - Crystal Structure Of the N-Terminal Laglidadg Domain of DUF199/Whia
  7. 3hys - Structure of RV0554 From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complexed With Malonic Acid
  8. 3hzn - Structure of the Salmonella Typhimurium Nfnb Dihydropteridine Reductase
  9. 3hzo - RV0554 From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis - The Structure Solved From the Tetragonal Crystal Form
  10. 3i01 - Native Structure of Bifunctional Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase/Acetyl- Coa Synthase From Moorella Thermoacetica, Water-Bound C-Cluster.
  11. 3i04 - Cyanide-Bound Structure of Bifunctional Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase/Acetyl-Coa Synthase From Moorella Thermoacetica, Cyanide-Bound C-Cluster
  12. 3i0w - Crystal Structure of Clostridium Acetobutylicum 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase/Lyase in Complex With Dsdna Containing Cytosine Opposite to 8-Oxog
  13. 3i0x - Crystal Structure of Clostridium Acetobutylicum 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase/Lyase in Complex With Dsdna Containing Adenine Opposite to 8-Oxog
  14. 3i1j - Structure of A Putative Short Chain Dehydrogenase From Pseudomonas Syringae
  15. 3i24 - Crystal Structure of A Hit Family Hydrolase Protein From Vibrio Fischeri. Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target Id VFR176
  16. 3i2w - Crystal Structure Of Efc/F-Bar Domain of Drosophila Syndapin/Pacsin
  17. 3i31 - Hera Helicase Rna Binding Domain Is An Rrm Fold
  18. 3i3b - E.Coli (Lacz) Beta-Galactosidase (M542A) in Complex With D- Galactopyranosyl-1-on
  19. 3i3c - Crystal Structural of CBX5 Chromo Shadow Domain
  20. 3i3d - E. Coli (Lacz) Beta-Galactosidase (M542A) in Complex With Iptg
  21. 3i3e - E. Coli (Lacz) Beta-Galactosidase (M542A)
  22. 3i44 - Crystal Structure of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase From Bartonella Henselae At 2.0A Resolution
  23. 3i4q - Structure of A Putative Inorganic Pyrophosphatase From the Oil-Degrading Bacterium Oleispira Antarctica
  24. 3i55 - Co-Crystal Structure of Mycalamide A Bound to the Large Ribosomal Subunit
  25. 3i56 - Co-Crystal Structure of Triacetyloleandomcyin Bound to the Large Ribosomal Subunit
  26. 3i6e - Crystal Structure of Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme From Ruegeria Pomeroyi.
  27. 3i6o - Crystal Structure of Wild Type Hiv-1 Protease With Macrocyclic Inhibitor Grl-0216A
  28. 3i6v - Crystal Structure of A Periplasmic His/Glu/Gln/Arg/Opine Family- Binding Protein From Silicibacter Pomeroyi in Complex With Lysine
  29. 3i78 - 35/99/170/186/220-Loops of Fxa in Sgt
  30. 3i8t - N-Terminal CRD1 Domain of Mouse Galectin-4 in Complex With Lactose
  31. 3ian - Crystal Structure of A Chitinase From Lactococcus Lactis Subsp. Lactis
  32. 3iap - E. Coli (Lacz) Beta-Galactosidase (E416Q)
  33. 3iaq - E. Coli (Lacz) Beta-Galactosidase (E416V)
  34. 3iax - The Crystal Structure Of The Tolb Box Of Colicin A In Complex With Tolb Reveals Important Differences in The Recruitment of the Common Tolb Translocation Portal Used By Group A Colicins
  35. 3ic3 - Structure of A Putative Pyruvate Dehydrogenase From the Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas Palustrus CGA009
  36. 3ic9 - The Structure of Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase From Colwellia Psychrerythraea 34H.
  37. 3icf - Structure of Protein Serine/Threonine Phosphatase From Saccharomyces Cerevisiae With Similarity to Human Phosphatase PP5
  38. 3ife - 1.55 Angstrom Resolution Crystal Structure of Peptidase T (Pept-1) From Bacillus Anthracis Str. 'Ames Ancestor'.
  39. 3ifv - Crystal Structure of the Haloferax Volcanii Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen
  40. 3ifz - Crystal Structure Of The First Part of The Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Dna Gyrase Reaction Core: the Breakage and Reunion Domain At 2.7 A Resolution
  41. 3igq - Crystal Structure Of the Extracellular Domain of A Bacterial Pentameric Ligand-Gated Ion Channel
  42. 3igr - The Crystal Structure of Ribosomal-Protein-S5-Alanine Acetyltransferase From Vibrio Fischeri to 2.0A
  43. 3igy - Crystal Structures of Leishmania Mexicana Phosphoglycerate Mutase At High Cobalt Concentrations
  44. 3igz - Crystal Structures of Leishmania Mexicana Phosphoglycerate Mutase At Low Cobalt Concentration
  45. 3ih5 - Crystal Structure of Electron Transfer Flavoprotein Alpha- Subunit From Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron
  46. 3ihr - Crystal Structure of UCH37
  47. 3ihv - Crystal Structure of Susd Homolog (NP_813570.1) From Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron Vpi-5482 At 1.70 A Resolution
  48. 3ij6 - Crystal Structure of An Uncharacterized Metal-Dependent Hydrolase From Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  49. 3ijm - The Structure of A Restriction Endonuclease-Like Fold Superfamily Protein From Spirosoma Linguale.
  50. 3ijp - Crystal Structure of Dihydrodipicolinate Reductase From Bartonella Henselae At 2.0A Resolution


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